Hola Fedizens!

Hi! Nice to meet you all!

I’m titi, from the catañol (catalan & spanish) sector of the Fediverse we called “nodes ibéricos” and some of us are setting Fedi.cat :slight_smile: I can communicate (with mistakes) in english and french too, but I’m not really comfortable with imperialistic languages… That’s why I’m learning esperanto, and I love it. :heart_eyes: It blows your mind (like the Fedi, hehe).

I opened my first account in 2014 (RIP somsants-net; RIP quitter-se) and I was really grateful for qvitter interface. Maybe that explains why I prefer Pleroma interface (and software). I’m non-technical at all but I like to care about free culture and specially our beautiful federated ecosystems as a glocal relationships. That’s why I prefer Darius-style (50-100 people per node) than Gargron-style (vertical scalation).

I love Inkscape and the Fedi so I started a little campaing called “Katikornius” to promote good practices (as reading CoC and be nice to each other). And I love to write and I dream about a book (and then a documentary) that explains the Fedi but I would need your help to shape it. Should I start a topic about it?

Move slow & fix things! :tada:

BTW, please, send me “free links”. I’m GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) alergic. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Nice to have your company!

A Catalan coworker once told me that anyone who speaks Catalan is considered to be Catalan, and since then I’ve always wondered about learning it. But I should probably learn Esperanto first :slight_smile:

A book or a film would be a wonderful thing. What’s Gagron?

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I thought it only applied to the Basque, since “Euskal Herria” is literally the country of people speaking Basque language.

I guess you refer to “Darius-style vs. Gargron-style”, or Hometown (friend.camp) vs. the huge Mastodon.social.

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Yes, if this person wants to. Learning a language that someone else (like Franco) wants to eradicate is an act of love (like de-arrest). Speak catalan, be catalan! Why not? :wink: But it will be easier esperanto first, and it will help you with your catalan.

Gargron @Gargron@mastodon.social “master and commander” of MastAdon :wink:

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HA! Now I understand the link between Catalunya and Euskalherria better. And I used to be Catalan for a while, I guess I could become that again with some practice :smiley:


Agreed, entirely. It’s why I learned Welsh.