Intro post, hi!

Hi all, just wanted to say hello! I’m tobi, one of the developers of gotosocial ( After seeing so many conversations going round the fediverse that link back to this forum, I thought i’d better make an account and say hey. Not sure how active I’ll be here because I’m not super good at remembering to check forums and stuff, but we’ll see!

Also, I hope ‘intro post’ is a thing we do here, I’m not sure :’) If not please let me know and i’ll delete or move it to somewhere more appropriate.

xoxoxo tobi


Welcome @dumspterqueer! Nice to see some work building on @cjs’s #software:go-fed and using #programming:go language.

If you’d like your software listed in the #software category, check this out: About the Software category.

No worries, it’s the right place and the right time. Anyway we can move stuff around as needed. Feel free!
P.S.: you may pin a topic (e.g., this one) in your profile so people can find stuff you’re interested in highlighting (about yourself or about your work).

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Welcome tobi and thanks for stopping by!

I’ve followed gotosocial for a bit and am really happy to see all the progress. Golang is a great language. The speed, the strong typing, the interfaces. It’s all good stuff for making even not-so-serious software. :slight_smile:

My focus tends to be on process and helping make it easier for new developers to get started with things. I haven’t seen much need there for GtS but feel free to ping if you’d like someone to test dev setup, docker deployments or edit setup docs.