Introducing FediDB - DevTools for ActivityPub

Introducing FediDB - DevTools for ActivityPub

Hello Everyone!

I am the lead developer of Pixelfed and know how challenging ActivityPub can be to implement.

FediDB is a suite of tools for AP devs to help make it easier to test and validate your implementation with existing implementations like Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed and Pleroma.

We have 3 main features in development:

  • Request Bin - HTTP Bin with valid AP Actor to test federation support (HTTP Sig, Verb + Actors and more)

  • Verb Validator - Validate objects with coverage report for known implementations

  • Signature Checker - HTTP Signature validation helper

We look forward to adding support for more implementations and working with other projects to shape the direction of this project.

The project is in private beta while we fix bugs, will be open to everyone soon!


This sounds like it’s going to be really useful. Is the source available somewhere? Would love to spin up a server and try it.

Hi, the service is hosted at and the source code will be published after some bugs are fixed!

@dansup can you be at today’s meeting? I’d like to discuss how FediDB could become part of an official way to help develop ActivityPub-compatible software. If you can make it, please edit the first post to add the relevant topic!

I’m attempting to turn my blog into an ActivityPub node and I would love to get access to to help test my development.

I went to and it says login but I don’t see a register, so I assume it is still not open to the public yet?

We will be launching FediDB to the public in the coming weeks, and will be reaching out to a few developers for early access before the launch.


Cool! Would dev tools in general be a good topic for one of the regular meetings? SocialCG - SocialHub