2021-01-09 SocialCG Meeting - FEP




and @cjs

which started probably here: https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/fediverse-enhancement-proposal-fep/1059:

and there were many things many people wanted to talk about in 2020 but
were censored due to “time constraints” - I could understand if users like @nedjo
who gave us all the nice thoughts and writings are very disappointed.
I would like to talk 12 hours this time.

The waitlist

alsoKnownAs and Link Relations

Following up on Defining alsoKnownAs
but also on the adhoc discussion in SocialCG IRC [sorry for the mess]

Structure of W3C Social CG and official site

@how asked “Is there a way to communicate to W3C that promoting decentralization and using Microsoft services are antithetical?” /me added “and using google captcha and putting forms what a computer thinks we do and not giving the community space and getting EFF back in the boat and …”

Building the Policy Group

16 people want to join the Policy Group, we need a meeting time, how to ?

Fediverse Futures

agree to @aschrijver

AFAIK the Fediverse Futures group has not been followed-up on.

Here is a diferent twist :slight_smile:

related: We want to talk about how we can make our clients work together and how we get generic servers so that users content does not get lost and that we do not have our life fragmented between 9 services
(for example here mastodon.social [sl007], chaos.social [redaktor], octodon.social [secret], conf.tube [apconf], pixelfed.social [apconf], gup.pe [activitypub], redaktor alpha, immers.space [sl007], funkwhale etc.)

The not existing official Test Suite and making the inofficial an official

We wanted to talk about that in 3 different Social CGs but it whas concensus that we do not have time.
November 19

July 2020 – A heavy thank you @cjs for “Just Do It!”

and now:
How does it become official? The lack is a very hindering reason for some of us :wink:
There is also FediDB by

After that: Somebody but not CJ, dansup or me should answer the 80 questions about this …

Generic Server for diverse clients

We wanted to talk about generic servers. It is only solvable by talking to each other.
pleroma: @lanodan
and https://web.immers.space 3D: @datatitian
and @birdsofpraise
and @loweel@boseburo.ddns.net and @marius

related 1
related 2
more related 100 posts

thank you, by random I noticed a solution to a “bug”, mastodon makes preferredUsername a MUST :: ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

Making Hashtag an extension

as Chris noted for the first November meeting, we should talk about this

Groups in AP

is, what we should also talk about …


I do not remember the elder things we promised to talk about, but did not, so I stop here.


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Join the meeting everybody:

Join via jitsi – chat and vote in #social on freenode: Web Chat

1 hour is ridiculuous – the list goes on and on and on

Personally I would be interested if we can break free from clones of hypercapitalist services because I do not like kings. If we can begin to use ActivityPub as described in the specification and use the users server with diverse clients. Personally I do not have any interest in the data of my users. A client is fine for me.

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AFAIK the group is open, and I’ve been talking to external people about joining it as well (e.g., Amelia Andersdotter and Rysiek from the IGF).

Thanks, @Sebastian, for keeping track of the meeting topics waitlist for all of this time.

Perhaps we can set a meeting schedule including each topic, for coming months, so we know they won’t get pushed back forever? We could alternate Fridays and Saturdays, since we haven’t managed to fix a preference for everyone who wants to get involved. I can write a draft schedule to start with, arbitrarily assigning topics to dates, and anyone who wants to swap them around to make sure they can attend meetings of particular interest can ask to do so. Does that sound like a reasonable step forward?

Also keep in mind, some of these topics can be progressed in between meetings and while we wait for a designated meeting to come up. So don’t feel like a distant meeting means work is ‘paused’. It’s best if we do as much as possible asynchronously anyway.


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Regarding FEP :
Please also note there were immediate questions in this thread


Hi all! Reminder that we’ll talk about FEP today in two hours in jitsi and in w3c #social IRC

Thanks to all those who came along today! Minutes are here