Meld (m-ld): Live information sharing

Previously mentioned in this topic and followed-up by @gsvarovsky the maintainer of the project, this topic is dedicated fully to Meld.


With m-ld , information is available where it’s used —on mobiles, in browsers, in microservices, anywhere—and it stays up-to-date, automatically. It’s live and sharable.

No more expensive, buggy wrangling to get your data from where it’s stored , through services and APIs and networks, to where it’s really valuable.

At the heart of m-ld is a decentralised protocol for distributing live information among clones . Using m-ld , every instance of an app has read-write access to the shared information via its local clone, with zero network latency. Changes to the information are propagated to all other app instances, so they are all eventually consistent .

Meld has an ‘internal adoption’ of RDF and uses json-rql query language based on JSON-LD and compatible with SPARQL.

(Note: I created this topic separately and with #protocol tag in reaction to @melvincarvalho on “lite linked data” flavours in Linked Data: Undersold, Overpromised? - #4 by melvincarvalho)

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