Moving FEPs to withdrawn status

Note: This is about coordinating with @fep.hosts .

TL;DR: Do we a defined process to send “your proposal is stale” notes?

Long version:

The # FEP-a4ed: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process states

  • If after 1 year the authors have not requested the proposal to be finalized, an editor should inquire about the status of the proposal. If authors don’t respond, an editor will set the status of the submission to WITHDRAWN.

From my count, there are currently 4 proposals that would satisfy this treatment. Before, I send out notices, is there a best practice? Is there a prewritten message for it? Where do we contact authors? Do we use Email / Codeberg / or SocialHub?

By prewritten message, I mean something like this, I have for SocialHub topics. If such a thing does not exist yet, does somebody feel inspired to write one?

Thank you.

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There really isn’t any real procedure for this yet. We enter untrodden grounds. Since all affected people are FEP authors notification via a simple Codeberg issue may be where this starts.

“Your FEP is about to be WITHDRAWN, please respond and take appropriate action”

With that last bit maybe asking for an extension of the editing process and giving renewed commitment to put effort in finalising the FEP.

I think the precedent was set by FEP-f1d5, which was withdrawn due to inactivity and then re-submitted: #26 - Set status to WITHDRAWN - fep -

All of the above. I’d start with a comment in the tracking issue.

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I reviewed old DRAFTs. Some of them have recent updates, so no action is needed. In one case the author asked to keep the DRAFT status (FEP-2100). I also sent notifications to authors of FEP-cb76 and FEP-c118.