Opportunities for collaboration: Fediverse Town Community

Yesterday a new Fediverse-related forum was launched by @PaulaToThePeople called Fediverse Town. In good tradition of Scaling Up Cooperation I created a topic to gauge opportunities for collaboration…

Three distinct opportunities that I already mentioned in that topic:

  1. SocialHub vs. Fediverse town → technologist vs. fedizen collaboration

  2. A home for Hometown, community-driven Mastodon fork?

  3. Umbrella community: fedi foundation → socialhub → ecosystem → fedi town → Fediverse


I just created a profile for the Fediverse Town forum.
I hope we can collaborate here and there.
Fediverse Town is supposed to be more user-friendly and less techy.

A long time ago I asked on the Discourse forum if it would ever by possible to synch topics between fora. Maybe this will be easier once Discourse implements ActivityPub.
Then we could really work together, the two fora.

Anyway, nice to be here and greetings from the town. :sun_with_face: :houses:

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Hub welcomes Town :blush: Just for the record (you probably saw this): Discourse will be joining the Fediverse :partying_face:

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