Scaling Up Cooperation

We’ve been building step stones for the ActivityPub community to collaborate in good conditions. Now we can have a look back and see what we achieved as a group since last APConf, and think about ways to bring our cooperation capacity to a new level – including caveats.

This BoF proposes to focus on three aspects:

  1. What can we do to consolidate community use of the SocialHub?
  2. Achievements and ways to gather more funding to develop ActivityPub software.
  3. What alliances can we make to facilitate wide scale adoption of federated services?

Something that I’d be interested in hearing opinions on and discussing is a collaborative way of publishing documents describing extensions, best-practices and other information - maybe something like a Fediverse Enhancement Proposals (FEP).

Other communities have similar documentation processes, e.g.: Python’s PEP, NixOS RFCs, Scheme Request for Implementation, Dat Enhancement Proposals.

This may allow a more community-based way of working towards standardization and documenting current best-practices. Things that might fit into such a process might be the recent proposal for synchronizing followers documenting the usage of WebFinger, and NodeInfo or working out a scheme for federated authenticaiton.

Recent work that goes very much in that direction include @cjs’s Library, efforts such as LitePub and ideas discussed at last years APConf regarding vocabulary extensions.


I would be very interested in working with @cjs on some level of integration between the Fedilibrary and the #fediversity.

Of course, this session would be a great opportunity to flesh out a proposal for FEP processes.