rC3 2022 - quick recap

Was anybody from this forum at rC3?
Unfortunately we did not have any volunteers this year, so I just enjoyed hanging up in the framasoft area with fedi people a bit and watching all the stuff [apart from this, the 2D-world seemed less frequented overall this year] …

:slight_smile: So, if anyone was there - what did you enjoy the most?

For me it was clearly the fediverse discussion of digitalcourage.de
feat. digitalcourage.social and padeluun
Fridays For Future
Ende Gelände and XR

The recording is translated, see settings

/ All recordings can be found here

History: In 2021 we did 10 full events, see Remote Chaos Experience - SocialHub
and rC3 – Chaos Communication Congress - all things open sourced in here and in 2020 we put some couches from Leipzig in a real world for a nice assembly …
maybe someone can add the link to the workadventure project of the framasoft room?

@chagai95 and I we had a panel discussion about https://openHospitality.network project, it was a community talk so not in a main track. Chagai has a recording if anyone was interested…

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