rC3 – Chaos Communication Congress


The Chaos Communication Congress is remote this year !
watch a film if you don’t know the event or lookup #rC3 in fedi …


Schedule here

(select english on top)

All our events are posted with rc3 here on socialhub …

The ActivityPub Assembly:

See you in 2D and 3D !

https://immers.space is an ActivityPub-based virtual meetup space that I’m working on. It’s based on the cross-platform 3D hangout space from Mozilla: Hubs. I’m working with the Mozilla Hubs rc3 assembly to use Immers Space for their event, and, if the AP rc3 used it as well, the two events would be federated!
Map making is a bit more involved for 3D, but there is an in-browser editor (and lots of remixable existing content).

Let us do this.
I seeked feedback from the ActivityPub protocol developers to gather their ideas and see how they want to present and what. And I am doing the spawning area.
How does they integrate it within their assembly?
I mean will each start tile trigger it or is it a part of the 2D world ( sounds strange :wink: )

Let me talk to the organizer of the hubs rc3 and find out how they’ve integrated with the 2D world - I’ve only seen their 3D space so far. I’ll also ask if it’s okay to share the link to the 3D space so you can see what they’re doing



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@Sebastian okay the hubs group is adding a link from the 2d tilemap world to the 3d hubs space(s) (and vice-versa).

Here are a couple example spaces from fediversian & Hubs creator @holly@v.st:

Ok, same here: We also have many links, sounds etc. on the tiles.
I already told the people that we need an awesome very visible pixel symbol for 3D
But not sure about timing. Personally I am occupied with creating the 2D world.

Can we maybe use some of holly’s stuff? Her name is familiar somehow …
How would it federate?

Immers Space might be able to provide both the hosting and our 3D maps (examples below), l’ll check in with the team.

Here’s how federation works in immers space:

First, each instance (or immer) is a unique 3d world that serves not only as a home base (and client) for actors hosted there, but also as a destination (and remote client) for actors from any other immer. When you’re in a space, you meet actors from various immers and follow them.

Second, as you bounce around to different immers, you send send “Arrive” and “Leave” activities to share your location. This is used to populate a friends list in the client with links you can use to meet up with friends wherever they are in the metaverse.

In the context of rc3, that means you could enter the 3d world from our 2d rc3 space, meet someone from the Hubs assembly, follow them to the Hubs assembly 3d space, and then exit back into their 2d rc3 space

cool, here is the thing to enter from our 2D :wink:

Ad Call For Ideas

It’s not exactly an Idea, but I would like to announce that I do have a talk about the fediverse on 28.12. (Day 2) at 13:35 CET at the franconian.net stage. This will basically be a simpler to understand redo of my #apconf2020 talk. And it will also cover an issue with the Digital Service Act of the European Union (but don’t expect to much ^^).

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Ok, Immers Space team is on-board. I’ll get you a specific link to include that goes straight to a hangout room soon.

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Can you do the same talk at our assembly stage ???
Doing a talk twice at CCC is really a good idea cause you make the schedules of the people flexible and give more room for participants time decisions. Many friends did that in the past ! :wink:

AND better :
Pixeling our world, there is a Policy Corner:
We could do a “Interoperability/Politics Roundtable” together with Ian, rysiek (has ticket), Derek and you and me after the talk then in our Workshop hut …


29. DEC 18:30-20:30 and
30 DEC 13:00-14:00 or 17:00-19:00

  • Roundtable !

My talk is prerecorded. So I guess I won’t do it twice. But I would like to participate in a discussion group as well as in a podiums discussion. (I prefer the discussion group or a combined thing, because it’s more inclusive for new ideas and perspectives)

That is even better.
We could then leave a Link in the Policy Corner,
where also these are left:

  • W3C minutes
  • Interoperability as a Tool for Competition Regulation – by Ian
  • A Technical and Policy Analysis of Interoperable Internet Messaging – by Vittorio
  • IGF Panel - Unlocking the Internet… + writeup

people can inform before and we do the discussion thing.

Any preference for times?
Derek is pro.
Can you help convincing rysiek and Ian (no DM reply yet) ?

There is one more Talk about Federation:

Day: 2020-12-28
Start time: 19:20 CET
Duration: 00:40 h
Room: chaosstudio-hamburg
Track: Ethics, Society & Politics
Language: en
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ps: my talk moved to 12:00 CET

Cool. Do you got a link already?

Sent the ticket via mastodon DM !