RIPE NCC Community Fund 2023

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Just to follow up on the funding topic: I submitted a proposal to obtain a grant from RIPE NCC Community Fund that would cover hosting costs of a few community assets (including here,,, etc. — still to be determined) so that we can have a nice cooperative setup to further our goals to create a decentralized organization.

As the proposal contains personal information, I will only share some parts. If you’d like to know more, please let me know.

Project description

ActivityPub is the fastest growing social media open standard. The SocialHub was created during the first ActivityPub conference, in October 2020 in Prague, to supplement the Social Web Incubator Community Group and encourage a strong, cooperative ActivityPub standard steering as a Special Interest Group. The need for a community infrastructure independent from W3C was felt as the proposed tools were limiting inclusiveness of non-W3C members, which form the bulk of the ActivityPub community ; and also because focusing on ActivityPub discussions on the SocialCG mailing-list felt spammy towards alternative routes chosen by others. This project aims to consolidate ongoing efforts towards self-sustainability of the developer community, identifying valuable assets that emerged over the last three years, and relieving the community of hosting burdens so we can focus on collective governance and the formation of a collective governing body for decentralized efforts.


SocialHub on the Fediverse

The first milestone (estimated M3) is to have ActivityPub support for our Discourse forum. This will be accompanied by a general acknowledgement from all involved parties and related websites.

SocialHub Code of Conduct

After 4 years of building community awareness and a strong, we can finalize a CoC that can serve in our collective events, sharing our unique community values emerged from active participation. Estimated: M6

ActivityPub Test Suite

All long-standing issues are closed, the online presence is now complete, and implementers can check standards-compliance against a running test suite. Estimated M9

The SocialHub Book

petites singularités release a book on the ActivityPub community practices and launch it at a SocialHub gathering to celebrate our achievements. Estimated M12.


Note that the requested amount is 30,000€ (the remaining 40k€ would be covered by petites singularités)

5000€ – Infrastructure (domain names, hosting, contribution to Codeberg)
10000€ – Administration and coordination
5000€ – Book creation, printing, and promotion
50000€ – Community animation and outreach
(e.g., SocialHub administration and moderation, onboarding and copyediting…)

Key performance indicators
  • Double number of SocialHub users (now 700)
  • Double number of software teams on the SocialHub (now 38)
  • 1000 copies of book printed
  • 300K page views per month (now 175K)
  • 10 press articles (now zero: we did not reach out)
Funded Activities
  • SocialHub community building
  • website
  • ActivityPub Test Suite
  • ActivityPub Guide for New Implementers
  • SocialHub Code of Conduct
  • Issues on Github ActivityStreams and ActivityPub repositories
  • Fediverse Enhancement Proposals on Codeberg FEP repository
  • Fediverse website assets:
  • The SocialHub book (in the Synware collection of non-profit Éditions petites singularités, released under Free Art License)
  • Fediverse Online Meeting 2023
  • SocialHub ActivityPub gathering 2024

I have received a negative result from the RIPE NCC Community Fund coordinator.

This does not mean the work has not to be done, just that it should be done with no means, or we must find other funding sources.

I am interested in documenting ActivityPub clients, as mentioned elsewhere.


That is a bummer, thanks much for trying and applying, @how :pray:

NLNet will set up a Commons-oriented fund in 2024:

We are happy to announce the new NGI Zero Commons Fund which will start at the beginning of 2024 and will last until mid 2027.

From: NLnet; Celebrating Five Years NGI Zero :)

yep, our ogb funding application was turned down as well:
Hello Hamish Campbell,

Thank you for submitting an application to the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund.

The fact that we received over 50 application submissions this year, shows that there are many great project ideas out there in need of support. The selection committee reviewed applications from 26 different countries covering various areas of interest.

The quality of applications was extremely high and the Selection Committee had a difficult task in choosing the successful applicants. After careful consideration, the Selection Committee has decided not to fund your project this year.

All applications were scored using the same criteria and selected based on these scores. You can read more about the scoring process for applications in a RIPE Labs article here:

If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Coordinator

I wonder is any #activertypub projects were funded?