Presenting Fedi Foundation: Empowerment for SocialHub community

In follow-up to Organizing for SocialHub Community Empowerment I have published the first draft of:

Federated Diversity Foundation

Now this website is not a ‘foundation’ in the sense of a non-profit. It is meant to provide a foundation to both the SocialHub community and the Fediverse technology base. To read more about it, you can visit the following pages:

Some examples of typical content for Fedi Foundation are:

The idea is that this site if for and by SocialHub members. Read:

The website is hosted at Codeberg, the Gitea instance exclusively for FOSS projects, and the code repository sits in the Fediverse organization where SocialCG issue tracker and other repo’s might be move to as well.


Now this is just the first draft of the page. Any contributions are most welcome, and I have already created a bunch of suggestions for improvement on the Issue Tracker.


Any feedback you have with regards to this website, and what it can be used for is most, most welcome below :pray:
For general discussion on making this community more productive, please comment on the Empowerment thread.