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Hello, I’m Sebastian Lasse.
My handle is or
Doing redaktor CMS
Hobbies: Photography, Tennis and conferences with Morgan and all …

Hamish Campbell a few try this one
for boat

Bonjour! Mayel here working on and / here. I am working on a completely decentralised topic and hashtag federation for the Fediverse. Currently I haven’t implemented any ActivityPub specifics though as building the foundational DHT is keeping me busy.
So I am interested on how other approaches try doing something similar.
Also grateful for Haskell-specific stuff.

Hi, I’m Erwin Ernst Steinhammer aka eest9
pronouns: they/them/their

I’m interested in the interconnection between technology and society. How does the fediverse change the public sphere and therefore politics? And what should policy makers consider when it comes to policies that effect the fediverse?

Paul Fuxjäger aka
Worked in academia on interference mitigation in open communication systems. These days I’m contributing to:
I’m interested in incorporating decentralized identity (DID/VC) standards into the fediverse, here is a very minimal writeup from 2019: hit me up if you’re interested in this :slight_smile:

Liaizon Wakest
I have been participating in the fediverse in various ways for a number of years now.

Hello! Working on openEngiadina and a using ActivityPub for “open local knowledge”. Interested in Linked Data and experimenting with more decentralized ideas.

I’m Marnanel Thurman, and (I was also Thomas Thurman, once upon a time.) I’ve been active in the fediverse for a while, and before that on (I’ve been using birdsite since 2007.)

I started kepi, a Django/Python microblogging server, and I’ve been working on it for about eighteen months.

I’ve been coding most of my life. About five years ago my partner became very ill and I gave up my job to look after him. That’s still what I do day to day.

And, yeah, I write stuff. I used to be primary maintainer of Metacity, the standard window manager of GNOME 2. I was on the implementation team for the Nokia N900 for about two years prior to its launch. Other interesting things include a zcode→Javascript JIT compiler named Gnusto, which was later taken over and renamed Parchment; a LiveJournal tool called Joule which was surprisingly popular; a 1993 adventure game called Avalot; and Yarrow, a late-90s web interface to the GROGGS RGTP forum server at Cambridge. (That last one wasn’t very famous, but it was a great learning experience.)

And I started the campaign to get Alan Turing on UK banknotes!

@how is on the Fediverse.

Morgan Lemmer-Webber
Co-host of Foss & Crafts (
I’m interested in FOSS & academia

Hey, i’m , your favorite resident sh*tfunposter. I’ve been running a Fediverse instance since 2018 (I think), have previously worked on Pleroma and MoodleNet and I currently work on CommonsPub/Bonfire.

Hi, I’m I’ve been building as something like open-source Google Maps for learning for more than a year. It’s got a reasonably good start (3,000 active users). It’s also a way to get more people on to ActivityPub.

I’m also interested in math, music, design and FOSS. I’ve been programming for almost 15 years all over the place and I have a day job at a fintech in India.

Hi, I’m Matt (, working on

Have been on the fediverse and running a Mastodon instance (Writing.Exchange) since 2017. I’m most interested in helping the open web grow, and making ActivityPub platforms that are user-friendly and widely accessible.

I’m Darius, I work on a bunch of AP stuff but the most relevant here is that I maintain Hometown, a fork of Mastodon that among other things tries to consume a wider variety of AP objects. (My current goal is to have an Events tab in the Mastodon UI with a little calendar containing every Event a user has RSVP’ed to in the affirmative or is invited to, to start with.) I’ve built a bunch of other ActivityPub software too… I should probably create a landing page for that on my website…

@lanodan, also (Fediverse) and (Email).

Always been a Unix-like user and started coding+self-hosting around 2012 (did my first own website), now basically fully self-hosted since 2019.
I’ve been on the fediverse since about 2013, with then for GnuSocial and then some Friendicas with lanodan_frndk@ (once tried to self-host it). And became a Pleroma Maintainer in April 2018 after using it for some months.

I am Arnold Schrijver - on Fedi, @circlebuilder on Matrix. I am initiator / facilitator of Humane Tech Community, and help maintain Fediverse Party wiki. My crazy side-project innercircles (warning: JS in teaser), started this March, has lotsa fediverse plans (ping me on matrix) but on a modest approach… to keep me sane :blush:

Hi! I’m Aaron Parecki, I work on the OAuth specs and the IndieWeb community’s extension, IndieAuth. I also enjoy video production and livestreaming and have fun creating self-hosted versions of things like Facebook Live.

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Hi, I am

Hey people, the first post is a wiki :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to get Discourse to linkify webfinger-style names? It gets very confused about names like

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I used Markdown:

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@how, note that if you want this to be bumped to the top of the topic list after each new edit, then you should delete all the comments after the wiki post and then lock the topic (maybe even delete the ‘locked’ notification, I can’t remember). When not doing so, this RSVP will keep sinking down the list and out of sight (unless posting a new separate comment).

Edit: Is it an idea to globally pin a number of ‘overview’ topics that have been created related to the conf?

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I pinned the topic, so it will appear on the global list for 2 weeks – you may bookmark it if you want to keep an eye on it.

I’m thinking of adding a user field for Fediverse Handle so that people can update their profiles instead of having a list. Then one can simply click the avatar of a person and obtain this information right away.

Thank you for the suggestions @aschrijver

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