SocialCG Meeting


Second saturday of the month is today rather than last Saturday… so that would mean a meeting in one hour.

We don’t have a plan really for this meeting I think. Does anyone have anything they want to talk about?

Nobody else showed up… so I dropped it.

It does seem that the “announce a couple days before and a couple hours before” is the best path to getting people to show up… as previously, merely having a regular time doesn’t seem to result in attendance. Though:

  • I am not the right person to do that. I try to remember, but I am overloaded. Please, someone step up and help set up the meeting pages and announce pre-meetings and gather topics… it would really, really help. I am not good at this.
  • I think @Sebastian mentioned there being an ical feed but I don’t know where?

sure, but i think the more pressing thing is this:

if there’s nothing to talk about, then what is there to meet about? furthermore, why is there nothing to talk about? what makes a topic worth discussing in a meeting as opposed to in a thread on this forum? i’d say there needs to be a clearer pipeline for making changes to the spec, so that expectations are set and people know when to elevate a topic to “meeting” status.

The previous SocialCG meeting post had open agenda points lik AP vs. Solid about which I’ve been trying to attract attention in Solid community. I received feedback and posted a follow-up which was moved to its own topic: How Solid and ActivityPub complement each other best and also @melvincarvalho posted info related to this Which links between ActivityPub and Solid project?

There are a number of projects interested in combining AP / LDP / Solid, like (who implement WebID-OIDC, I believe). Could be interesting to investigate how things fit, and keep AP / Solid on the agenda.

Also @yvolk’s Basic implementation of “client to server” ActivityPub protocol (#499) is - from reading it - a helluva ride (I linked to the issue in implementers guide). Auth/authz best-practices and de-facto standards could be discussed.

(PS. I don’t feel like I’m expert enough to contribute much to the meetings myself, atm)

Yes. I think the points what people want to talk about is pretty obvious from the last forum posts.
The main point is that we need somebody to announce it proactive one week in advance. Like posting it here, inviting some friends or people who announced interest.

It is really not about being an expert. Just about raising voices. We would be happy if you join.
“What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”, Aaron Swartz

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