The ActivityPub Recommendation

Discuss the ActivityPub Recommendation, how to implement it, how to extend it. Home of the ActivityPub SIG.

Topics in this category address technical concerns about the current specification and its interpretation across various implementations. There are Client to Server and Server to Server categories to discuss these parts of the specification. Formal discussions about changes and extensions usually end up in the Fediverse Enhancement Proposals process.

This category is facilitated by @activitypub.hosts.

Category Description
ActivityPub Generic discussion about the ActivityPub recommendation
Client to Server Discussion related to section 6
Server to Server Discussion related to section 7
Related Category Description
Fediversity Community research
Meeting Upcoming events and events documentation
Packaging Technical discussion related to packaging ActivityPub software for distribution
Programming Technical discussion related to chosen programming languages
Fediverse Enhancement Proposals Formal discussions to enhance the standards
Software Software-specific ActivityPub-related discussions
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