The ActivityPub test suite

thank you! I’ve c&p’d my response there.

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I won’t be able to participate in the hackathon, but definitely once I have reasonable detailed examples of the JSON inputs/outputs for a ActivityPub service, I’ll add AP capabilities to (link above), and I’m looking for other developers (and/or funding) who can recognize the value of that platform, especially after AP is added!


For the funding part see Scaling Up Cooperation BoF…

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Thanks for the link to the funding related stuff. I’m going to submit the Quanta project for that. The project is still pretty much a secret (unknown), and hasn’t been posted to HackerNews or other developer sites yet, although I’ve been developing it for years and it’s fairly robust/stable at this point.

About the jet, that X-15 is the “lorem ipsum” of images! haha. Everyone should use the X-15 for demo content images. :slight_smile:

what is the current state?