The ActivityPub Test suite

In the Hackathon let us heal that Open Wound

I won’t be able to attend the hackathon but do accept PRs on the unofficial test suite at which I believe based on talking with @cwebber a week ago will be where the official test suite redirects to (soon).

There’s some bugs I’ve already filed against the repo. Happy to discuss the app’s architecture if needed.


Basically that was my idea.
The hackathon will be quite “timeless”.
I just wanted to have a “place” where implementors can come together and debate code or designers can talk about UI issues or anyone helps each other …
It is more meant as an “incubator” …

So we will work around the repo.

Also due to the fact that we asked many organisations for some awesome prices but that did unfortunately not work for [all of the reasons] which can appear in form letters …

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c&p from my reply elsewhere:

I think a test suite naturally falls into two parts. One part checks protocols which can be accessed anonymously. This involves AP services such as looking up a user’s inbox and paging throug it, as well as non-AP services commonly used with AP, such as webfinger and the other .well-known services.

The other, more complicated part, checks AP support. This will need to be able to create ephemeral accounts on the fly (like, each lasting a few hours, and allow you to follow them and send them messages, with a dashboard showing what has been received.

You should also be able to request that the accounts send you messages— but not to set the content, to stop the validator being used as an anonymous message service. For similar reasons, I’m also supposing that each temporary account would be locked into communicating with a single server, specified at creation time.

@cjs mentioned another testing tool that’s currently in private beta:

@dansup I guess you’re related to this :slight_smile:

Shared Notes from the session

Others :

Feneas + GangGo has other test suite options:

Relation: Ganggo author + cj have connected previously

PixelFed’s Dansup:

Questions :

Will the test suite ever be considered to be the official test suite?

  • Unknown but the first step of being linked by is a step towards that

Feedback :