Lightning Round Talks

The lightning talk session for #meeting:apconf2020 is scheduled on Sunday 4th.


Lightning round talks will be under 5 minutes long and will hopefully include summaries of the BoF sessions as well as individual topics. Since a lot of the lightning round talks will include content from the same day’s BoFs, we can’t require early submission of slides etc, so you can share your screen on Big Blue Button if you’d like to include slides.

Talk #-2: @mlemweb Summary of "The fediverse as an educational platform" BoF

Talk #-1: @strypey

Talk #0: @cjs Summarizing these BoF:

Talk #1: @how summarizing

Talk #2: @lain Migrating servers from one AP server to another

Talk #3: SNAC_Steffen on Interusability

Recording available!

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