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For a bit. They can’t seem to get over the fact that decentralization isn’t limited to blockchains and p2p protocols. They dream more than they do. And these dreams rarely end up being any practical once you try to adapt them to the real world.


Yep, I see. Thank you for the pieces!

Bluesky is seen as an avenue to sell propriety tokens, often through misleading marketing techniques. ie they promise decentralization but actually, in effect, put a tax on certain parts of the internet, in order to make the founders wealthy

I’ve heard that Bluesky are asking for moderators now, which I think is a good idea. It’s an issue in general in public spaces, a new kind of spam. Thankfully it hasnt fully invaded this space yet. It would be good to come up with ways of moderating self-promotional kind of posts that lead down carefully disguised rabbit holes that end in a token sale


I joined the Discord!

and I suspect I’ll be… leaving the Discord very soon!


Ha ha, both interacting here, and leaving there are very smart moves :wink: Welcome to SocialHub, David!

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Also: I hope that community discussions about something that’s supposed to be an open protocol remain in the public, rather than a proprietary application controlled by a private entity.


Full ack.

PS: It seems you can now 136hly_low own your profile pic on twitter.

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“Better TweetDeck” got you covered!



It’s one way to solve the moderation problem

I think this was a misstep from twitter / bluesky

Appeal to a vocal niche, but annoy everyone else

Some update on the Bluesky thing…

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Yep - also at least they added Jack back to the board …

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Adding Jack to the board does give the project a bit more credibility, but until they come out with some sort of spec I’ll assume it’s vapourware.

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Bluesky has existed for how many years now? It’s kind of bonkers to me that during all this time:

  • They keep coming up with “research” that’s like literally googling and reading wikipedia, anyone capable of operating a computer can do that in one evening
  • They have done exactly zero actual engineering work
  • In the meantime, Twitter, which is supposed to be the first client of their proposed abstract decentralization solution, keeps introducing comically bad UX decisions with some useful functionality sprinkled throughout a boundless ocean of dark patterns. And NFT avatars, because that’s clearly what everyone needs, not a web version that is actually usable. Twitter also keeps its API as closed as it’s ever been. Something doesn’t add up here.

(why is this forum treating every thread as a stackoverflow-style question?)


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I’d love to get in there too

Yes, the #fashernista and #geekproblem in a nut… best not push this mess.

Yep, this is what we (#4opens process) are working on, I hope.

Looking like the flow of history is going to be a step to the #openweb with the recent #dotcons take up of #activitypub this will push Twitters #bluesky to a “me to” project, unless they bridge to AP which they will very likely refuse to do, like diaspora, the same #geekproblem motivation repeating itself.

We do live in instresting times, agen for #openweb tech and its social power.