Twitter Bluesky Discord community

People on there seem to be very excited about all the blockchain stuff, but there’s a #fediverse channel that IMO is worth checking out. It’s a good chance to get many new people interested in ActivityPub!


Would love to get some more AP developers in the room. @dansup maybe youd grace the room with your presence?

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I joined the discord!


I didn’t. I’m not so sure I want to entice Twitter to adopt AP and I have this article post among my concerns in that regard (among others).

Been chatting with these guys and AP is part of the things they are evaluating, as is solid and a few other protocols like Gun

The idea I think is to cherry pick the best parts from each protocol and come up with a new spec

Easier said than done!

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So a p2p federated end-to-end encrypted blockchain, got it :smiley:


I had a look in the discord.
It seems, a good portion of the socialhub discussion is shifting from here to there.
Probably this is what twitter wanted to achieve :wink:

Anyone can come up with a new protocol. Everyone and their dog is doing it these days. I am not against innovation. In the context of coming from a big name like Twitter, they are carrying the baggage of the name of a poor platform, so it would be way more meaningful to make use of an existing protocol than try behaviors that look like Embrace, Extend, Extinguish of an existing independent community.



which decides about presidents …

It seems they’re just trying to capture links for internal teams to research. They want to keep tabs and do periodic rumblings about decentralization so investors don’t get worried. They did get a lot of traffic for those first days but it’s kind of a ghost town now.

I can never understand how free software developers can be so naive about politics and how neoliberalism works.