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SocialHub.ActivityPub.Rocks hosts ActivityPub free software developers and enthusiasts to study and share knowledge, specify functionality together, steer the course of ActivityPub W3C Recommendation through code, conversation, consistency, cooperation…

We welcome both technical and non-technical discussion. Non-technical discussion should focus on cooperation across, between, and beyond projects; governance of the commons; ethics and aesthetics; etc.

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Each category has a pinned topic (tagged with #about) which explains the expected norms and limits of the category. This facilitates keeping discussion on topic. Don’t worry about drifting though: we can always move topics and posts around if needed. Let the conversation be respectful and reproductive!

You can get started with the #welcome topics to get an bird’s eye view and feeling about how to engage with this community. Other tags of interest for starters: #faq, #about.

List of Top-Level Categories

Category Purpose
#activitypub Protocol interpretation, implementation, and extension
#community Collective governance of this forum
#fediversity Understanding and discovering communities in the Fediverse
#meeting SocialCG meeting announcements and in-person events related to ActivityPub and the Fediverse
#packaging Distributing federated applications for accessible self-hosting
#software Several ActivityPub implementation software-focused topics
Missing category? Please see Where in SocialHub Can I Talk about ...?

Caring and Support

If you encounter any problem on SocialHub, you may contact the hosts of the relevant category, the general contact team, or the well-being team. You may also post anonymously to the dedicated community well-being category.

Want to Help?

Check #todo, read around, reply, join host groups, participate in the #meeting:socialcg and feel free to start new topics!

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