Bonfire Dev Diary

We run the bonfire weekly meeting each Tuesday @ 21.00 CET on the Bonfire Meetings matrix channel, you’re all welcome to join :sunny: .

Bonfire Meeting 2021-12-15


Hello community! Happy to be opening these weekly meetings up for more open participation :slight_smile:


  • Happy to have launched the website and received feedbacks / contributions, it helps keep our energy up!
  • The whole codebase is not yet in a good shape to welcome contributors or easily onboarding new devs, but we’re working on it!
  • Ready to test bonfire on several instances and get federation working

Ongoing work

  • Broken tests
  • Thread UX
  • Federation
  • Pointers (virtuals and edges)
  • Build system
  • Query libs
  • GraphQL API

Open issues


  • Improve Bonfire dev experience (Bonfire social · GitHub)
    • We decided we’re gonna use bonfire-app issue tracker to keep track and update issues, as we do not bound ourselves too much to github ecosystem.
    • Ultimately we want to coordinate bonfire development with our own kanban extension, eventually integrated with other federated tools.
    • We will update the dogfooding milestone to include all the issues we want to prioritize for our first release




  • We need to pay the website illustrations




  • Find a way to test surface components in isolation
  • Refine dogfooding milestone
  • Finish queery lib
  • Update contexts to use it
  • Keep working on the GraphQL API
  • Reach a consensus on a basic Thread UX/UI

:wave: FYI here’s the shared agenda/notes from today’s meeting (which happens weekly in

Bonfire Meeting 2021-12-21 - CodiMD

A couple highlights:

  • we received a “Culture of Solidarity” grant which will go into OpenCollective to fund a few milestones which we’ve started to draft: Milestones - bonfire-networks/bonfire-app · GitHub
  • Regarding thread UX, we agreed to:
    • keep reply_to as a single field (in order to better interoperate with existing ActivityPub apps, and to optionally display a tree UI without repeated replies),
    • to also add a one-to-many way to mention other posts so we can have either tree views, image-board style views, or various hybrid approaches