Can you hear me Fediverse?

Did you associate your #SocialHub account with your fediverse account yet?

If yes, then you may reply to this announcement directly from the Fediverse. #Exciting times!


Hmmm… This should have appeared in my feed by now, but the error log is empty. Well, not so, but it’s not saying anything about failing to publish.

What account should I be following to see this announcement? ? It appears empty on Mastodon (Ivory).

And is there a link of this fediverse post that I can go directly to?

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@angus maybe there should be an easier way to find the actor to follow in the Discourse UI. Like having both the post URL and actor URL in dialog that pops up when clicking the AP icon at the top of this thread…

ActivityPub dialog only shows informative notification, but no URL's


I think I published an Article so it is not supposed to appear on Mastodon, which is quite a shame actually. Something like using an excerpt as a Note to supplement the article would be awesome, but then it would require using #c2s wouldn’t it, since it would address a single server-type that does only support a Note.

Is there a way for ActivityPub announces to specify that they can have multiple forms? (I.e., a single Create activity would let others choose whether they want to take it as a Note, Article, or something else.) – I would guess that the Activity should send a Collection.

P.S.: I reverted to sending Notes, because most people use Mastodon, which is quite a downer since we’re supposed to have interoperability and federation. We’re not there yet.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take it into account.

Indeed, I think there move there is to lobby mastodon to implement a version of this suggestion