Federating the Murmurations Protocol

(This topic is a follow-up to Improvement to FEDERATION.md convention: Murmurations)

The Murmurations protocol itself is a good candidate to be a federated application. By adding S2S synchronization to the The Murmuration Index and everyone can set up their self-hosted instances within the Fediverse.

Update: I notified Murmurations project about the federation idea: Federated Murmurations with ActivityPub. But also note that this idea can be based on the concept of Murmurations only, not necessarily the already existing project.

Welcome to the SocialHub @olisb, so nice to see you here.

This #fediversity:fediverse-futures is mostly an ideation area, where we think about cool ways to further Fediverse-related technology, and tap ActivityPub’s full potential.

But going further with FEDERATION.md in the way described here, would first of all require interest from the ActivityPub application developers, and that takes time. In the meantime it may be very interesting to discuss Federated Murmurations in more detail.

Note that I brought up Murmurations on some other locations too, also merely brainstorming:

Note too that regarding federation the Murmurations Library also should be part of what is federated, so every aggregator can collect those schema’s they are most interested in.

Update: @olisb I have also brought Murmurations to attention of Yarmo, the Keyoxide maintainer: #88 - Implementing Murmurations protocol - keyoxide-web - Codeberg.org


Update: Hi @olisb FYI, discussed Murmurations with @VictorVenema on fedi in light of delightful / awesome list aggregation:

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Hi @m3me
 a small heads-up: I saw you are launching The Ethics Tools Directory at Greaterthanlearning, and I think Murmurations might be of interest to you in that regard :slight_smile:

PS. Given time I will do some submissions. We should have some good candidates at HTC forum and awesome-humane-tech.

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Thanks @aschrijver - the directory is just a concept for now but there is a fair bit of interest across the ecosystem for a dynamic and validated set of tools to support ethical decision making in digital products.

Murmurations definitely looks interesting. More reading for me to do :slight_smile:

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I should also cross-ref an earlier thread here, that I somehow missed before, started by @strypey mentioning Murmurations:

At Solid there’s a use case to track Solid apps and Libraries using Linked Data, and there may be an opportunity to combine Murmurations federation with Solid technology flowing from that:

CC heads up @olisb

I just responded to a topic on the Solid forum by Sir Tim Berners-Lee about setting up a Solid-enabled FAQ application. My additional proposal was to extend beyond FAQ Q&A’s to any Linked Data snippet and turn knowledge aggregation around in similar ways as @olisb Murmurations protocol, but   - drumroll
 :drum: -   federated, of course.

Another use case for federated murmurations
 I just bumped into the Open Source Vulnerability format. A specification which was introduced on the Google Security blog. It specifies a JSON format to publish known vulnerabilities and fixes in a uniform way.

Typically security-aware projects have an incentive to:

  • Spend much time and attention to create proper reports
  • Maintain the list of known vulnerabilities somewhere close the project
  • Spread the message on the vulnerability as far and wide as possible

Mentioned Murmurations in this fediverse post related to @tommi’s idea for a Fediverse platform for Movies!

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Libre Solutions Network in this toot announced a #web0 project called The Interverse proposing to have JSON data available at /.well-known/interverse that can be used to create a inter-connected site-map.