Intermapping proposes to gather people and organizations interested Mapping the Commons. ActivityPub has been discussed during the session held at FSMET as the pathway for a minimal interoperability between different projects developing cartography of the Commons that are discussed on the IN COMMON platform.

This session is to present and discuss the different existing models and see what are the possibilities for implementing event notification, that would support their coordination. Problematics are diverse, including being true to the different views on information, facilitating the actualization of information by the concerned communities or supporting the detection of redundant information.

The live session will happen in Room A:


One aspect I’d like to bring into this, @how said this might suit: The Fediverse as a platform for coordinating social movements, both from a sociological perspective on what is needed and how to bring people over, and about looking what technology is already available.


yes this is certainly what we should get to as we see more and more censorship on centralised plateforms, we should find time to discuss this.

This is also related to Events in ActivityPub, although the former may be more technical. But I’m sure @mayel and @Sebastian would agree with the above :slight_smile:

Murmurations seems very relevant to this. It’s been discussed here in this thread:

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A long history of cartography

“The map is not the territory” (Alfred Korzybsky)

Many activist organizations who have lots of social tools and (organizational) knowledge do not know how to use free software. InterMapping wants to make this connection.

Mapping Software

Needed Tools

  • Tools to update information

  • Tools to link to social media

Role of social information & interconnection/ ActivityPub

  • curating social events on a map:
    • having more metadata in posts can make curating and discovery of relevant events easier
  • jointly creating/ editing a map:

    • social relations make it possible to pass both the views and also editing capabilities along social connections

Hackathon Proposals

  • Low-hanging fruits:
    • replay existing announcements, enrich them with location attributes (longitude, latitude), and repost (with Group actor to simulate Agents)
    • subscribe to geo-enhanced announcements and display on a map