Meeting on Horizon Europe 2021: Opportunities and Funding

Are the grant applications and refusals published in a public place ?

I was surprised not to find any when I started working on the grant application earlier this year. The most difficult part when filling an application is to figure out how to write something that makes sense to the experts judging it. And the lack of examples to get inspiration from is a real handicap. That was my motivation for publishing the application we submitted as well as all the correspondence with the grant organization.

I filled the survey (after retrieving my lost password :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Are the grant applications and refusals published in a public place ?

No, I thought, it doesn’t make sense cause it was rejected and after 3 years they told us, they don’t fund CMS. I can send it to you.

after retrieving my lost password

The same :slight_smile:
It would be nice to have a common “Login with ActivityPub” 

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This is very kind of you but I think I now have a good understanding of how it goes. There is a lot of value in publishing rejected applications because, together with the rejection notice, it shows the kind of things that should be avoided. There is a little bit of that in a successful application too (for instance fedeproxy got negative grading because “Work plan with accompanying milestones is credible but should be more elaborated on though.”), but it is less enlightening.

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@Sebastian @CristinaDeLisle sorry that I couldn’t attend. Did you have the meetup yesterday? Maybe there’s some general info to add to this thread?

Hello! No worries :slight_smile: It was just @Sebastian and myself in the meeting and it lasted about 2h. As a summary, we had a free discussion broadly on the following topics:

  • a feedback on the NGI0 event and opinions on financing AP projects - from Sebastian
  • the AP community and activities happening on the policy side
  • we discussed a bit also on the topic of a legal entity for this community and how that could look like
  • future opportunity to get involved in a roundtable to be organized by edri - the contact person would be Jan Penfrat - Sebastian spoke with him to about this
  • participating in a meeting with Prabhat Agarwal on the 29th of July, where @mathewlowry would be present as well - Matthew, I am tagging you here, as I understand from Sebastian that you wanted to participate to that meeting

As this time it was only Sebastian and myself in the call, we thought to come up with the proposal of a second meeting 2 weeks from now, which he proposed in this pinned post: 2021-07-24 SocialCG Policy SIG Meeting

I propose to have this meeting from the 24th and / or discuss on the forum prior, especially regarding the communication with Prabhat Agarwal & edri event Sebastian was talking about.

I also proposed to use the ideas we worked at for the NGI0 AP for Administrations presentation and have the community improve / adjust the content for the occasion. This is just a proposal and would require a common effort. The point would be to ensure that this is a common message, as previously - I think that this is important for the AP community.

In any case, let’s keep in touch about this and enjoy the sunny days :sunflower:

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Well, right now, it is just that @mathewlowry and @Sebastian were asked by Prabhat Agarwal to attend the meeting. Not the other way around 

I thought, maximum transparency is asking the community for feedback.

The policy group reached its first goal and as you can see from the protocol, it was my next task to do a next meeting. Since we said, we lobby with edri, this could then be the edri roundtable.

Thanks for the info, both of you. Very interesting topics indeed. Note that in terms of community work for SocialHub I have created two topics that are relevant:

Lukewarm responses so far, so I may give this my own twist, instead of something tied to SocialHub.

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It is hard to be in on the loop on this stuff, just spotted this third.

Talking to the #EU crew - Hope is a swift left wing flow and the strong current that pushes change/challenge.

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Did anyone notice the EC launched its accounts last month?

Oh, yes - of course.
They are posting unreadable, uncaptured images and buzzwords.
And the amateurs of the EU Rights Agency are breaking privacy laws : Sebastian Lasse: " [facepalm emoji] 
" -

but anyway, there is a list/wiki List of EU-based Governmental institutions on the Fediverse (Wiki) :slight_smile:

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Yes, the EU started a pilot. I think it is up to us to help them improve themselves and also to make them feel at home, and show that there’s value in keeping these channels and expanding their activities.

Various directorates operate the different accounts. It is EDPS that faciltated and deployed the servers for EUVoice and EUVideo. But the owner of the servers is DG COMM, and they operate the @EU_Commission account. They don’t know what to think of Fediverse, and whether it is worth the extra effort to manage these channels. We should prove that it is worth doing so.

Otherwise the pilot may end, and not get a follow-up.

PS. There is an opportunity to give some kind of a Fediverse training to the EU folks operating the channels. Explain how Fediverse is different, what the mechanisms are, and importantly some stuff about culture and fediquette, plus communication style that may work best. If anyone is interested in preparing such an event, they can contact me. Maybe something for you @mathewlowry or @CristinaDeLisle ?

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Actually DIGIT is operating the servers as system supplier, with EDPS still system owner. Getting DIGIT to agree to this was a major step forward. DIGIT is increasingly a MShop, but within it there is an Open Source Project Office, which is critical. However COMM is starting to take this seriously (when I was active last year they were still in ‘watch’ mode) and will probably take over as system owner at some point.

For the moment I think it’s the EDPS, as system owner, which is creating accounts. Their policy seems, from what I can see, to limit accounts to Institutions, perhaps projects, although if a VIP asked I guess they would agree,

Why aren’t we seeing people? Well, this is being rolled out in a very different environment compared to the arrival of 1st gen social. Twitter and co. appeared and were adopted by individuals across the institutions, publishing in their own name, before the institutions could create social media policies (click here and scroll down to see my blog posts from that era tagged #eu and #socialmedia). The adoption of Fediverse by the Institutions is likely to be far more controlled.

Right now it looks like they’re just dipping their toes in the water: they’re not even displaying on the landing page how many replies each post gets!

I agree we should make sure that water is nice and warm :wink: I also believe, given the above policy, that there’s room for a server oriented towards the EU Bubble, Anyone want to help me set one up?


I was thinking earlier about some internal server. Is that also what your refer to? I.e. an “Intranet Twitter”?

No, a public one. That way those in the EU bubble who are “fedi-curious” can join the Fediverse without having to look too far or do too much. And of course they’ll be able to follow the EU accounts.

And if noone follows the EU on the fediverse, how long do you think they’ll pursue this pilot?

Follower counts on the official EU profiles don’t come near those on Twitter (esp. when looking at @EU_Commission), but the amount of organic and substantive interaction is quite good. For instance with only 7k followers the @EU_Commission had way more responses and boosts on the ChatControl legislation announcement than it had on Twitter where they have 1.7M followers. Plus on Twitter they are mostly troll responses.

Think best to create a separate topic for this, and also do a query on fediverse to see who might join. Wonder if you shouldn’t coordinate with some EU representatives. Maybe people from EDPS.

Hm, somehow sad. The Lead-Comedian of my broadcaster has similar counts on twitter but in fedi has 21k already after 12 posts, Jan joined later than EU Commission :slight_smile:
PS: The instances are named like MainzelmÀnnchen and new is - open to everyone.

I miss the times when the EU still had a momentum and made for example creative contests of all kind in Social Media. That engaged people. Not talking about total surveillance.


Thanks for pinging me here, Arnold. I’ve noticed the new accounts from the EU administration and also that this is related to the presentations we did last year in April, in the context with their discussions held involving NL Net. I am not sure however who is in contact with them, but I assume it’s easy to find out by asking someone from NL Net.

As always, my personal preference is to work on something together and reach common agreement on how that work should look like. This is of course provided that it is indeed needed and welcomed from the part of the EU representatives running those instances. In lack of this need, it’s more offering help for someone who does not need it.

I will continue watching this thread and hoping to develop something together in the future.

As a spoiler alert, if everything goes well, I will become a mom in around end of July / middle of August, so things are pretty intense / exciting for me these days.

I wish you a nice evening ahead! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, I am very happy for you! Intense and exciting indeed :smiley:

Day before yesterday I created a separate thread for organizing the training. And here’s the latest status on it.

Thank you so much! I am checking out the thread :slight_smile:

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