Particular Event and Communication Details For Forthcoming SocialHub Fediverse Conference(s)

Following my attempts to widen the diversity of leadership it has understandably been pointed out that the particulars have not been worked out (date) and that the contact details as not clear:

Naturally, it would be better to hold off particulars until the leaders (both existing and incoming) can all fully interact.

Among other points I have provided details of how I can be reached until collective decisions have been made:

My response does provide some context that may have been lost in the original generic thread (which I guess is operating like a bulletin board atm).

For those leading, as well as active and passive stakeholders, it would be good to get needs and opinions out of the way ASAP, so that when the timing is right we can all be on the same page.

Points to consider:

Hamish has already flagged up wiki functionality for scheduling:

Is this relevant yet at this deliberative stage?