Widening The Talent Pool For Our Upcoming Fediconference Initiative

As one of the steering group members for our upcoming Fediverse event initiative, Im reaching out to encourage potential leaders to step forward.

Knowing some of the volunteers and having the opportunity to know the others better, Im personally excited.
However, it concerns me that the people who initially came forward fall along a rough homogeneous collection of white males with an anglo centric origin (though I should emphasize that we have different outlooks; motivations; and talents).
Naturally, nobody chooses their origins - but we are understandably concerned that any unconscious biases or patterns may accidentally obscure the magnificence regarding a Fediverse individual or community that happens to be just over that hill (or the next).
It does nobody any good for talent and potential to be underutilized.

As such, we are having a drive to welcome leaders, particularly those who have origins; characteristics; or experiences which may have resulted in them feeling that it can be an uphill struggle when it comes to participating in events or initiatives.
From what Ive seen wrt interactions with other volunteers, differences are seen as a strength and a conduit for a change.
As such, if you have the time and commitment to join our Fediverse event(s) steering group we would be delighted should you want to reach out to us.

Otherwise, should you know of people who we would benefit from working alongside us then we’d be delighted if you can suggest us.

Here is a

message for people to push around to publicize the request:


Below there has been a request for greater clarity of specific details:

I considered it a higher priority to focus on widening the number of voices before the key decisions were made (updates shall be forthcoming in due course):

And I have created a dedicated Thread to continue the conversation:

Over time that would be a place to identify particulars about this initiative

(Please excuse if I have framed things wrongly, these things can be multifaceted and am happy to hear feedback regarding my tone from either the SocialHub community or curious outsiders. Should you have constructive suggests please write them below)


Too many links and a lot of words lol. Where and when is the event and how would one who’s mixed race and non-anglo centric apply? :smile:

Cuts to the chase and doesnt want to wade through waffle?

You are eminently more qualified than me :slight_smile:

I hope you understand why I may want to appreciate involving many new voices prior to us (shortly) finalizing details.

If I understand from the others there had been mixed opinions as to whether the first event should be early Autumn or at the start of next year

As can be imagined, we could just start commencing things for the first even in a more gentle way (after all there is already enough technical knowhow within SocialHub).
Or we build up more momentum.

Having started to align some early more proximate volunteers, I would consider the decision to be done once we have a few more people in the steering committee.

Ive created a dedicated Thread in any case to clarify things better collectively:

To contact us you could reach me bilaterally via DM:

If you prefer to reach me via E2EE for greater privacy this Matrix account is possible:

I can provide an email address if asked.

I will reference these facets above and update the valid points once I secure collective opinions (tomorrow) wrt internal communications channels (there is one private matrix room available for those leading - we have started some discussions on that matter already) and wrt external multichannel marketing and dissemination.

In addition, I should point out that the user j12t was mentioning the event https://fediforum.org/ which is Scheduled this September.
While it does not fall within the governance aspects of this thread, it was something which my previously ATL first link does reference (and thus I should point it out to you given your feedback).

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More walls of text ha.

I’m not interested in being a part of any committees. I’m just trying to find the information to attend.

Apologies as I’m not trying to be insensitive but we can’t expect for a wider turn out when the details cant be explained in a couple of sentences or less or if basic information can’t be easily found.

I’ll wait and see when this all becomes a little easier to understand.


Once the steering group has been assembled, and events are getting organised, more details will be forthcoming. But just quickly, the proposal at this point is to start monthly online meetups ASAP, with pre-arranged talks and Q&A. Building up to a full, free-of-charge fediverse conference early next year.

No offence, but if you respond to a call-out for people to help with organising an event, with an expectation you’ll get specific details about timing etc as if it’s already organised and imminent, well… you’re going to be disappointed ; )

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