Preparing 2nd "ActivityPub for Adminstrations" webinar for 26 April

This is the preparation thread for the second webinar in our European Commission event. For the previous discussions on the event, please refer to Webinar with the European Commission and AP Community.


Meeting details

  • Time:   2021-04-26T08:00:00Z2021-04-25T22:00:00Z

Important locations:

The European Commission has only 1 important task for NGI Zero :
Fund ActivityPub software which makes sense.

Regarding the doc below, my journo-colleagues are making jokes about mastodon powering the EU.

The Commission told MEP Breyer:

“we are currently looking into the use of open-source decentralised social media networks”

written answer

The Commission’s services are currently looking into the use of open-source decentralised social media networks. This would imply creating its accounts on existing platforms and/or setting up its own equivalents of such services.

NGI Zero, you have 1 task!

Please note that I am still receiving complaints that https (and thus the page) is not working.

I think, I’ve seen that also @how informed fosshost a while ago. But it is still not working.
It might be good to either get it working until tomorrow or point the DNS to this place but I think, only Chris can do this …
A copy online is at

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Note that the copy requires JavaScript to be visible otherwise it gives a white page.

Fixed for the copy

Hm, yeah, I forgot to add the /static to github again probably after the last change, now no time anymore. Better if fosshost could fix SSL !!!
It might then also be that the <noscript> on fosshost is missing a stylesheet but nobody seems to have ftp access anymore.

however, /me :heart: JS :wink:

OK I updated the link in the header, so we’re good for now.

Please follow up to EC - NGI0 Liaison -- Webinars and Workshop April 2021.