EC - NGI0 Liaison -- Webinars and Workshop April 2021


Indicative duration is set within parenthesis next to the sections.

Webinar I – Introduction to ActivityPub


Convenor: Joost Agterhoek (@j8ter), NGI Zero Consortium / NLnet

Introduction (10 min)

Introduction by NGI Zero and DG CNECT about the need for federation and ActivityPub in trustworthy communication and the range of Fediverse solutions supported through the Next Generation Internet R&D initiative.

ActivityPub Presentation, part 1 (30 min)

ActivityPub for Administrations

Speaker: Cristina DeLisle (@CristinaDeLisle)

Discussion (1 hour)

Discussion among participants, including:

  • Representative of European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Gijs Hillenius of Open Source Programme Office with Directorate General for Informatics (DG DIGIT)
  • Dr. Amy Guy (@rhiaro), co-author of the ActivityPub Recommendation, member of W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG).
  • Developers of #software:gnu-social (free social networking platform), #software:lemmy (self-hostable federating link aggregator), HubZilla (Self-organization tools with decentralized identity management) and Castopod (federating podcast hosting solution) (to be confirmed)
  • Representatives of national administrations experimenting with ActivityPub

Conclusion (5 min)

Conclusion and bridge to next session.

Webinar II –


Introduction (10 min)

Introduction and recap by NLnet and EC CNECT about need and interest of European Commission for decentralized online communication and how ActivityPub can bridge to other decentralizing communities ( Linked Data, SOLID, etc.)

ActivityPub Presentation, part 2 (20 min)

Presentation from the ActivityPub community:

  • Christopher Lemmer-Webber, co-author of ActivityPub and developer of Spritely (modular components for distributed programming, decentralized storage and more)

Discussion (1 hour)

Discussion with:

  • Representative of European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Developers of HubZilla (Self-organization tools with decentralized identity management), Castopod (federating podcast hosting solution) and Kazarma (bridging decentralized protocol Matrix with ActivityPub) (to be confirmed)

Conclusion (5 min)

Conclusion and bridge to the workshop



Workshop Introduction (5 min)

Overview of the objectives of the workshop:

  1. what we’re trying to build,
  2. what tools will be used,
  3. what result can be expected.

Hands-on ActivtyPub workshop (2 hours)

A hands-on workshop for EU and national administration developers to implement ActivityPub in live conditions. The specific workshop content will be determined during the preceding webinars according to the actual needs that emerge from the conversation.

Conclusion (5 min)

Conclusion on lessons learned and future steps to take.