Come Help: List of FEPs Needed

Building off @pukkamustard’s FEP and the initial proposed process over at, there’s a list of FEPs that are missing that could document the current Fediverse better:

  • webfinger: @tinyrabbit + ?
  • http signatures: ?
  • federating Block activities: ?
  • custom emojis: ?
  • e2e encryption: ?
  • nodeinfo2: ?
  • @darius
  • chat: @lain
  • …?

(I am not here to say which of these I do/don’t endorse, just figured all should be considered for FEP)

I’ve “volunteered” a few folks I think that had expressed something before. If I’m wrong, let me know. :slight_smile:

Anyone else want to sign up / pair up for writing these? Also, what other topics are we missing?

Since I just implemented webfinger I could co-write that with someone more experienced.