2021-05-07 SocialCG Meeting

Per the wiki and the calendar , this meeting will be at:

  • 5pm UTC
  • 1pm EDT
  • 10am PDT



Candidate Agenda Items

Please reply below to propose an agenda item. Please consider doing some ahead-of-time work to articulate the item, and linking it in your proposal so others can come prepared to build consensus or raise objections that we can discuss in our limited time together.

Example Agenda Proposal

PROPOSAL: @bengo - 5min - quick introductions, reintroductions (<= 30 seconds each)

Read this for more on agendas .

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I’d like to discuss ActivityPub collections and my FEP, again.

  • Whether I should move forward with the Accept{…} activity as an acknowledgement for something being added to a publicly-appendable collection.
  • We need to think of a way to query a remote collection to determine whether it contains an item without downloading the whole thing. This could be useful in a number of different ways — like getting an authoritative response on whether a wall post was accepted, or whether someone is someone else’s friend.
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In this week @redaktor.me implemented support for the native CSS masonry grid layout with the minimal possible JS fallback and blurhash !!! (!)

That is so boring that I would like to talk about “Link Relations” and if we find the time a quick continuation about open points in “Capability Negotiation” :wink:


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LDP lightly mentions Sparql in 5.1.1.
Sorting/ordering is also kind of relevant to querying, see LDP-Paging.

This is another proposed way of querying: Linked Data Fragments | Concept

  • e.g. query for the triple “[container] [ldp:contains] [item]”

PROPOSAL: @bengo - 5min - Move Saturday meetings to later or even Sunday.

See this forum topic for ranked choice ballot or any objections. PROPOSAL: Rank choice meeting times for the weekend SocialCG Meeting

PROPOSAL: @codenamedmitri - 5min - Summarize previous meetings’ conversation about SocialCG Issue Trackers. (Short version: There is no one issue tracker, but several. And there’s the FEP process.)


@grishka - do you mind posting the link to the FEP again?

I think FEP-400e: Publicly-appendable ActivityPub collections

@grishka I also have that issue. I currently testing to provide a SPARQL Endpoint to a actors store.
I’m 99,9% sure, that our AP Implementation will provide SPARQL.
My solution uses rdf4j.