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Welcome contributor. We have exciting work to do! For a long time activitypub.rocks only provided marginal information, and was infrequently updated. That is now about to change. We want to turn this website into the Portal that our beloved Fediverse deserves.

What is the plan?

  • A portal for and by the developer community,
  • That guides people to discover standards & practices,
  • And gives an overview of many grassroots initiatives,
  • Encouraging participation that evolves Fediverse as a whole.

How is this done?

  • Collectively! We’ll work out the details together. Everyone can have their say.
  • SocialHub is a DoOcracy. That means: “Pick up any task and see it to completion”.
  • Volunteer on the discussion threads. UX, techwriter, front-ender, anyone is welcome.

Getting started

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( Note: This is a wiki post that anyone can edit with summary and status information. )

( Everything below open to discussion. Thanking for contributions: @indieterminacy, @helge, … )

Portal summary

( Bullet-list suggested characteristics of the portal website. Cross-link to discussions. )

  • Title: ActivityPub Rocks!
  • Theme: Fediverse Developer Portal
  • Audience: Software creators → inclusive, all roles
  • Domain URL: activitypub.rocks (owner: @cwebber)

Key objectives

  1. Provide an active and up-to-date entrypoint to the Fediverse for the developer community.

  2. Get people started and onboarded on their Fediverse adventure to unlock its full potential.

  3. Highlight the role of Standards Movement and Standards Process as pillars for evolution.

  4. Facilitate discovery of the Grassroots Fediverse with its many independent initiatives.

  5. Stimulate and foster inclusive and open collaborative ecosystems to emerge.


( List of requirements that must be taken into account. )

:exclamation: Help needed. This is an important requirement.
:question: To be determined. Needs further elaboration.

  1. Automated build, deploy, etc …
  2. Automated recognition of stale links, e.g. a failing test.
  3. To allow as many people to edit as possible use a simple format, e.g. Markdown.
  4. To allow as many people to be able to make code change, reuse components from large ecosystem.
  5. To allow people to work together, the format should support good diffs in version control.
  6. Creating new pages should be as simple as possible, i.e. it should only require creating a file.
  7. Without JS enabled all pages display property and the site is fully functional.
  8. Accessibility … :exclamation:
  9. Internationalization … :question:
  10. Fediverse Integration … :question:

Accessibility (a11y)

  • Conforms to common A11Y standards (WCAG, …)
  • A11Y testing during development, CI builds.
  • Testing and approval before initial launch of fedizens active in / dependent on A11Y.

Proposed solutions:

Content strategy

( Anything related to information to add, content structure, site hierarchy goes below. )

Visual design

( Anything regarding UI/UX, graphics, typography, page layouts goes below. )

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