How to create a FEP topic

:todo: use the Discourse API to autocreate the topic when the repository entry is created.

Staff members and @activitypub.hosts can create a topic in the #activitypub:fep category.

FEP-09ba: Sample FEP

For the purpose of illustration we imagine the following FEP:

  • title: Sample FEP
  • link to repository:

Process to create the FEP-09ba topic

  1. Copy the original FEP link from the repository
  2. Hit the image button and paste the link in the title field.
  3. Edit the resulting title to read FEP-e9ba: Sample FEP
  4. Edit the body to read source:
  5. Add the tags: fep , draft , fep-e9ba .
  6. Ensure category is #activitypub:fep
  7. Save edit
  8. Change ownership to the @system user
  9. Move any previous discussion to this topic or reference it

What you obtained

A new, properly referenced FEP topic is available that provides a direct link to the original FEP from the topic list (thanks to step 2) and can be further discussed in an obvious place.

Next Steps

  1. You can copy-paste the new topic URL to the Drafts section of the FEP Index.
  2. Keep an eye on the FEP status to adjust tags, and eventually publish the FEP.