SocialHub and Spiral Island: A Fediverse Foundation Analogy

Spiral Island was created by Richart Sowa from stuff other people considered trash. An inspiring symbol of sustainability and hope, it was nonetheless destroyed by a hurricane. Richart’s work in a way mirrors how we build our beloved Fediverse… but we must prepare to be hurricane-proof…

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The people that are passionately advocating and building the Fediverse…

They are a friendly bunch from all around the world having very diverse backgrounds and leading interesting, colourful lives. Online they are together as one, united in humanity, these fedizens. The Fediverse they build are like small and fragile islands anchored precariously in the waves of society. Flourishing island communities, together they form an archipelago, where a unique culture thrives. It is worth protecting. It is unique. It is promising too, and deserves to grow.

Exposed to rough seas of inhumane technology and raging tides of Big Tech, the fedizens take great care to maintain and expand. Building things the way they like it best. There is freedom. A speck of beauty among dark waters and threatening clouds. There’s an economy on the islands. People exchanging thoughts and ideas, they inspire and encourage each other to make things better. Ever improving.

Like Spiral Island everything rests upon its floating foundation, the Fediverse technology base. It is mashed together by bits and pieces of knowledge re-applied - discarded bottles, that others made to trash, reused here… revived as Humane Technology. The island fedizens, techies and others, work tirelessly to make things more buoyant and expand the space. This group of builders, of friends, is called the SocialHub. A great team that everyone can join to help and build.

Foundations are important, they are vital. They are the ground upon which we stand. Not all bottles stick well together all so easily. They need to be bound and tied together. If done well, then marvelous structures - our federated apps - can stand upon them and never fall apart. There’ll be bridges between them, and hanging gardens. Places of wonder to behold.

Builders are important too, and those that support them in whatever ways. They allow the Fediverse archipelago to evolve ever further, and maintain what already floats. Collaboration is key, and - while freedom reigns - some coordination is required here. So that balance is maintained.

It is easy to find supporters, because the story of these great small islands is so inspiring. Turning trash into beauty. Do things the way they are meant to be done. Humanely, passionately and with vibrant life. A compelling story, this Tale of the Fediverse. It will naturally spread.

Just being on these islands, to participate and walk its winding paths, means one educates oneself on how things ought to be. No need to preach, or even to convince and force ideas on others.

Come join us! Just follow the signs, our rallying cry. They read clearly and loud: “Social Media Reimagined”
Let’s imagine it together.

Enough prose for now. There’s more to this anology, and not all is well, but that’s for later. What is important is this:

This Foundation exists already, but we don’t realize enough its importance to keep us afloat and weather storms together!

What we have now is still too loose. It is hard to extend and build upon. And there’s good chance it won’t survive a hurricane.

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